Tickets to Sigur Ros and Anna Von Hausswolff booked

Damn, Anna Von Hausswolff and Sigur Ros on the SAME DAY at Stockholm Music & Arts. For many years i thought that Sigur Ros was ‘just another post-rock band’ then i gave Takk a real chance and rest is history as they say. I have always liked organ so that i immediately feel for Anna Von Hausswolff ain´t hard to figure out. Looking forward for two shows with two unique sounding band/artist !

Tätowier Magazin

An Amenra photo from Doom Over Leipzig Festival was featured in the German tattoo magazine, Tätowier Magazin. Tätowier Magazin, Germany 2015-05-25  

SubRosa, Doom Over Leipzig

Had never heard of SubRosa before i read the line-up for the festival. But damn i quickly found that that they where something for me. Fantastic live performance .