Rosk – Miasma

Rosk – Miasma.  Art work and Layout. Released on CD (digipack) also used on various social media etc. Images below include some photos of the actual physical release and digital images used. As a bonus i added a short simple video, hopefully there you will be able to see how it all fits together. What is hard to see in pictures is the CD since of the flash and the white balance is a bit messed up on the photos.   About the Art work The Album in short tells a story of the plague. So After loosing everyone close and the whole village to the plague. He was fortunate enough not to get infected and his last hope was to start a new life in another village. But […]

Album cover, How I Met Lauren (Digital Release)

Album Cover Art How I met Lauren – With the Blessing of Satan   Im happy to be a part of How I met Lauren – With the Blessing of Satan. I have made the concept and the cover art(not the logo) The art work is about the feeling about not being able to be ‘sufficiently enough’ in life, Trying to stay above the surface. With this feeling, in desperation hoping for powers outside your self to help or at least bring a change. You can listen and download this album for Free here or visit him at facebook here  

Some drafts

I havent done a lot recently but i fund some other stuff that i has not done uploaded yet.

Sagby Art Brochure

I made my self a couple of own little brochures. Its 10 A4 pages made on 140g silk paper and i have done everything from layout to printing. I´m planing to make myself another one with even more content.

Test Prints

Tested to print a few of my images on various papers. Its always a great feeling to see your work outside of a computer screen.

Exhibition, Fodgö Provins

Part of an exhibition called Fogdö Provins that was held in various cabins and old houses in the countryside.

Exhibition, Naket

Part of exhibition with nudity theme Philp art,  Mariefred Sweden 2014-11-21


Three image series. Shown at Fodgö Provins with others.