Band Shirts

Thought it might be a good idea to upload some of my dear band-shirts before they get to old. More will be added later but this is a start. Will do something similar with my CD´s and LP´s as well. Most of the shirts a bought at live shows.

Sagby Art Brochure

I made my self a couple of own little brochures. Its 10 A4 pages made on 140g silk paper and i have done everything from layout to printing. I´m planing to make myself another one with even more content.

Tickets to Sigur Ros and Anna Von Hausswolff booked

Damn, Anna Von Hausswolff and Sigur Ros on the SAME DAY at Stockholm Music & Arts. For many years i thought that Sigur Ros was ‘just another post-rock band’ then i gave Takk a real chance and rest is history as they say. I have always liked organ so that i immediately feel for Anna Von Hausswolff ain´t hard to figure out. Looking forward for two shows with two unique sounding band/artist !

Test Prints

Tested to print a few of my images on various papers. Its always a great feeling to see your work outside of a computer screen.

New site, test

New site. Don´t really know why i got myself this nor do i know what im going to use it for but time will tell.