About The Site

Welcome to my digital junkyard and somewhat diary. Though i needed a place to gather my art in what ever form it takes with all music related nonsens i stumble on. Might be a odd combo but my art and my creativity has always been driven by music.

Like i said this is more of a diary then a portfolio. I will add stuff that i am proud of as well as things that i´m not that pleased with. I will make posts about music that is most likely is worthless for anyone but me. Because in a couple of years i hope i scroll through this diary and get filled with nostalgia and flashbacks.


About Me

I live in Sweden in a small town Strängnäs about 1 hour away from Stockholm, Strängnäs. When i grew up i think i had a phase for every type of music there is and over the years it got more and more outside the main stream radar. When friends asked me about it i always said that i could imagine my self enjoy every genre of music except for that crappy one where they just scream and you don´t heard what they are singing.

If i only knew then how Post-Metal, Sludge, Post-Rock & Black-Metal etc would make me feel and how big impact it would have on me.

Without trying to sound to cliché. Quite often does the music light a almost irresistible urge to create something. The final results is not the goal nor what is most important but the creation process it self.

My long term goal is to be able to help band with various types of artwork, videos or photos. My thought and hope is that the artwork would light the same light for the beholder as the music does for me or create a mystery and curiosity.


Feel free to contact me regarding any matter
info (at) sagby.com or at www.facebook.com/SagbyArt/