About Me

I’m from Sweden and living the small town of Strängnäs. 

The motives often is trying to capture a feeling of despair and hopelessness or is experimenting with subjects such as identify, will, space, time and the void.

Inspiration quite often comes from philosophy or physics books but music is the real catalyst that brings the thought and ideas into reality. However the final results is not the goal nor what is most important but the creation process it self, the warm feeling of emerging and flow.

About the site

I see this as my digital junkyard and somewhat poorly updated diary. 

Here I will add stuff that I am proud of as well as things that I´m not that pleased with. I might make posts about music that will most likely is worthless for anyone but me. In a couple of years I hope I scroll through this page and get filled with nostalgia and flashbacks.

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