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Rosk – Miasma

Rosk – Miasma.  Art work and Layout.

Released on CD (digipack) also used on various social media etc.

Images below include some photos of the actual physical release and digital images used. As a bonus i added a short simple video, hopefully there you will be able to see how it all fits together. What is hard to see in pictures is the CD since of the flash and the white balance is a bit messed up on the photos.


About the Art work

The Album in short tells a story of the plague.
So After loosing everyone close and the whole village to the plague. He was fortunate enough not to get infected and his last hope was to start a new life in another village. But as soon as he came to the closest village he realized that his fate not as fortunate as he thought. To every village and town he came the plague had came before him, only leaving nothing but death and memories of what he had left.
Forced to a fate where he just aimlessly wandered around the land in the search of what he had but knew he could not get back.

The CD is a perfect fit on the background of it, So when you remove the CD with the lost man on it you will see the same image behind except that the man is gone. This removal of the man is suppose to leave you with a wondering and mysterious feeling about where he ‘went’.

Note, i have not made the Logo

About Rosk

Rosk is a six piece band from Warszawa, Polen. The music is really hard to place in a category but i would call it post-metal & atmospheric post black metal with some really slow and clam parts.

Check them out here at Facebook and stream the whole Album for FREE at bandcamp



Vinyl: Show Me A Dinosaur – Show Me A Dinosaur

Show Me A Dinosaur – Show Me A Dinosaur
Zvezdnoe Serdtse” (Heart of a Star)-Edition Limited nr 77 of 100.

Listen: Here

What a treat! Sweet like a bag of candy. I was thinking before to buy this wounderful album but when i saw the pictures of this release the consideration was over.

The album it self might be real contender for Album of The year for me. A perfect blend of various genres that i bet you could argue over for days. If i have to say something negative it´s that it feels like the songs follow the same forumla. But on the positive side that leaves some room for improvment to the next album! Oh boy am i really looking forward for a new one.

I also made a short video showing off this release in all its gloory (had to film something to test out a new video editing program)






Walk Through Fire, Magasinet Nyköping 2015-03-15

Walk Through Fire one of my all time favorite band in front of a crowd with only around 10-20 people.